Saturday, February 28, 2009


It's March.. wow.. that fast huh?

2009 seems too fast to be true for me.. I thought it was only last few weeks when my friends asked if i want to join them for New Year eve.. I still think I'm new at my work place but I'm already *almost* a year employed..

Anyways, March will be another fast month for me.. *I hope* I have plans every weekend and looking forward to them.. Next weekend will be filled with outings and movie dates with friends and sisters.. I might as well go out with my mom and do some mother-daughter bonding time.. *ngeh ngeh* Plus, it's going to be a long weekend.. Thought of going back home to T'ganu but just remembered, already have plans with some friends.. so yeah.. might as well use that weekend to do some activities.. and I mean real outdoor activity! I'm thinking of rollerblading, taking outdoor portraits of my models *you know who you are people =)*and sports!!

The next weekend, I'm going to Melaka! with some of my officemates.. I really hope it's going to be fun!!! It's going to be my.. err.. second time to Melaka.. yeah i know.. pathetic.. baru 2 kali???? and my first was 10 years ago.. *hahaha!* that's why i'm kinda excited about it.. Plus, told you i need a vacation right?? so yeah.. i'll treat this as a good getaway.. I'll be there for the whole weekend, staying at a friends place and will be visiting those places which i have no idea where.. for sure, we're going to Ayer Keroh.. mandi manda!!

The next weekend, my "recreational" club at office decided to go to Sg Syiling *betul kan?* for camping.. yeayy!!! Now that is something!! Last time was Tapah and after that, we got too busy to do any camping or getaway.. Just ade laa sket2 sports like futsal and badminton.. anyways, we're going to camp there, and do some tracking.. and again, mandi manda!! *splash splash!!*

Last weekend tuh, takde idea lagi.. tapi I'll try to find something to do.. I might as well duduk rumah since 2 minggu berturut2 buat activity.. time to spend time with my family, don't you think? (o^,^o)

oh and this 2 weeks, if you feel like asking me out for dinner, please do.. *hehhe* I've been going back early now and can definitely join for dinner and some catching up.. I have to say though, I'm not up for night movies.. but yeah, call/msg me!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

outdated tagging-menagging

Hasil tak berusaha untuk membace blog orang lain, I finally got around to read some *READ: SOME* blogs and baru laaaa aku perasan aku kene tag.. *oopss!* here goes..

Rules : The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must use a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 person.

i really want to;

get a vacation

my favorite place is;

on top of a hill

my favorite things are;


my alba watch *not this one but what can i do? i have to choose from a limited choices :p*

my seiko watch *also not this one but i'd L-O-V-E to get my hands on this!!*

my favorite drink is;

it must be, definitely be, one and only be Redbull *yang kat US punyer.. Malaysia punye rase agak crap.. sorry but it's true..*

my favorite food;

for now it would be lamb shank.. nyummmmm!!!

my favorite color;



i was born in;

pusat rawatan islam, kuala lumpur *hamek kau..! full aku kasik! tp die bg gambar pusrawi jugak...aku nyer yang bgnn ijau kat pwtc tuhhhh*

i attended;

sekolah seri puteri

vanderbilt university

my favorite movies are;


saw *i loike allllllll saw 1 till 4 tp tak sempat nk tgk 5 lagi...*

i wish for (and i truly do);

happiness all the way

Sekian terima kasihhhh..

oh and saya nak tag... sape2 yang tak kene tag lagi benda nih.. :)
i want to write.. but i have to think hard before i write.. I have few stuff to tell..

about songs and poems..

about miracles...

about traitors..

about pengampu, penipu, talam dua muka, pendusta..

about being mad and pengampun...

about my life..

about how people are desperate..

about how people want to be helpful but instead, making it worse..

about what's held for us human in the future...

there are more but i couldn't list them all.. cuz finally.. my fear of writing a blog has come true.. enough said..

tulis camni pun maybe boleh jadi kontroversi.. (o^,^o)77

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I'm having symptoms that i don't want to think of.. I can't sit still just thinking of it.. It makes me.. not me..

Obviously, I don't want to accept the fact that I am having all these symptoms.. You are worried.. You think of what went wrong and where you did wrong.. Did it happen when I was aware of it but go on or did it happen when i have no idea it will happen...

Nonetheless, I am already here and in pain..

No need to see the doctor.. I know what this is all about.. Can someone help me? Yeah.. Just don't be there when I am having all this symptoms.. I'll tell you off or I'll make you hurt more... And you know I don't want to do it.. But if you ask for it, I have no choice..

Symptoms I'm having are like : heavy chest, tiredness, hot breath, light headed or worst, bad BAD headache, light mouth and irritating voice..

The most obvious symptom would be : eye rolling

yeah.. I got the B**** symptoms


Sunday, February 01, 2009


One week of holiday is one heck of a gooooooddddd thing!! *hehehehe*

So I didn't get to go back to Terengganu due to some last minute plan.. regardless, I had a great time at home and got to meet some friends.. What else would you want, no? Half of the week I was lazying around doing nothing.. Well, not "nothing" but nothing extravaganza.. Went out with my parents, doing some home chores, got to finally cook after a long time being away from the kitchen *talking as if i'm a good cook :p* and yes people, I do cook.. *ngehehe* thought I should clear that point out.. kan Jurai & Nabilah kan kan kan???

I got to finally play bowling, watch movie and jalan2.. Got to meet with Nisak's debate friends.. They are so nice! Why are they different? errr.. they are.. urmm... some, not all that is are "soft" people if you know what i mean.. I have always want to know that kind of people.. Though they are them, but they are so nice at heart.. and definately they have a different way of seeing things.. That's one of the things i seek in people.. Its good to know and learn something different.. of course, with a good session of explaination..

Tomorrow is a working day for me.. So some are on holidays, I'm not jealous people.. I got a week cuti ok?? :p But thinking going to work tomorrow cam.. urghhh!!! Malas!!!! :p :p