Friday, September 28, 2007

Details! Details~!

I forgot how detail can be very important to some people and can be very petty for some too.. and of course, there are people who are both..

A friend of mine approached another friend of mine and commented, that person wore a different color code dress for a picture. Let say, the person approached is A and was approached is B. So, B asked why and what does A meant. A said we should wear a color signifying our major and not the one B wore which is not ours. Then, B, being the don't-care-less about the color, just said "I don't care.. It's not that people will take it that important or think something bad about it" Having said that, A was startled *well.. in a away* and said "oh yeah!! they'll think you lie to them about graduating or they'll think the picture is fake" and B just ignored A, and smiled *in a way, expressing "I still don't care" *

So, what makes someone think a simple detail is very important and vice versa? People would always go for the sexist point of view first and i shall do that too :p

Men will say women are more dainty with stuff.. and women thinks men are more fussy with stuff.. so.. who's lying and who's not? The thing is, guys are fussy when it comes to cars, girls *maybe?*, their work, or... *trying to think of something but failed* and as for ladies, they are dainty when it comes to their clothes, make ups, events they're hosting, or guys *maybe?*.. One thing thats parallel between what guys fuss a lot and ladies being picky about are things that they like most.. Or at least, things they would sleep with...

It's just funny to see guys and ladies say things to each other, yet, they are definitely clone to each other..
I wonder if that's why people say things about "significant other" or "my twin" or anything equivalent..

As for some work, details are very important and some probably not as much.. no.. i take that back.. i think every work need to be done to perfection.. its just the people working on it can be a lil sloppy or lil too perfect.. it goes back to people themselves.. and straight to their personality.. If they love to job to death, or want to do the best to get a raise, or need to show something good for a higher position in the company, they would definitely want to do the most detailed and perfect job ever... but for some, who thinks their work or maybe that particular project is not as important, or maybe just don't have that much of interest in it.. they would just do it for the sake of finishing it... They just don't care about the result.. But are there really people like that? People who just don't care about their job that is.. I wonder~

Anyhow, people that think about details too much are so annoying to me.. I mean.. good for them to make things perfect though we know, it can't be THAT perfect.. but, if you want others to keep up with you and tell them to be as "perfect" as you... Neh~! that's just super difficult... Some people don't need to be very organized to live.. some need to be very detail with what they use in their daily life.. good and bad for them.. As long as their happy and don't mess other people's things.. that's just fine~

Merepek sudah...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cute :)

Was browsing some stuff and came across this.. It made me smile for some reason..

A young girl, asking her grandmother for advice in the matter of the heart. She looks at her grand daughter with love in her eyes, speaking in her kind voice, recalling moments from her youth when she wasn't too sure whether her heart was melting for the right man. Then she smiles and tell her granddaughter to trust her heart even if her mind says no, because there was a time when a young man had caught her *the grandmother* attention but for some reason he could not truly find his way to her heart despite that part of her that said he had.

Doubts about him remained and her head spun, desperately trying to reason with herself. And just when she thought it'll all go away he wrote one compelling letter straight from his heart and that's when she knew he was the man who truly deserved her love. Her mind was still not convinced but she decided to let things happen at least for the sake of finding out for sure. Though it wasn't immediate, her heart and mind finally surrendered to the power of love. "Had I given up at first, we wouldn't be here talking about matters of the heart my dear girl, for that young man was none other than your grand pa"

And that made me smile.. again~

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ramadhan comes again.. And for once.. i felt blessed to get through Ramadhan again.. There are things happened in my life right now that for some reason, i came to realized how i need Ramadhan.. it is the month for us human.. so others.. use it to the fullest (o',^o)

I haven't been rajin enuf to update my blog lately.. Nothing much happened except the usual; school starts, Merdeka Day celebration, 'Salam Perantauan' picture taking.. the same thing.. same routine every year.. same event.. Nothing have changed since i was a freshman till i'm a senior.. *goshh!!! that word always freak me out* But one thing changed.. I got to take senior portrait!! basically, its different because you'll pose in the grad gown and the grad hat.. It was fun too!! i mean, for the first time kutt.. i took a portrait picture..

Oh.. so you know.. i had the merdeka celebration and 'salam perantauan' picture uploaded on my flickr.. just click on the link.. its somewhere in the left column of this column.. you'll see it..

anything else?

a lot happened.. but mostly, lately, i was busy watching anime and doing homeworks *which are not tonnes like before*.. i guess, being a senior is a bit relax than any other semesters, but there are more to think about.. 'in the future' wise... I have some plans laid out in my head.. but i just have to see how much i work for em and rezeki too i guess.. InsyaAllah...

I have never thought things would be this complicated.. thinking about things in the future i mean... before, its all about studies... where, what and some other stuff that's related... but now.. its a totally different perspective.. its between WORK or STUDIES or OTHERS.. others can be anything.. if you want to just hang around, or run your parents business, or marriage, or taking any other courses like piloting, etc...

Alhamdulillah, i've been thinking about these from the beginning, so i kind of have things in hand but like i said, its all about how hard i work for em, and rezeki, Dengan Izin Allah~ Of course jugak... i have some doubts sometimes, and thinking of backing off from what i've planned, but i always have to remind myself... one thing for definite, anything that you want to do, you need to have strong will and faith.. then, insyaAllah... you'll get or at least, you'll be satisfied for what you get..

Pray for mine yerh? (o*-*o)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Deleted post


I deleted the previous entry...

I have no idea how many read it.. but to those who read it..

I don't feel like what i felt dah.. *hahaha*

maybe i felt more than what i wrote.. maybe the other way around..

either way.. you don't have to know.. but let me tell you something..

It is still applicable for Mr Ne13ula and proud of it too (o^-^o)


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Random stuff; Senior Year

Its only 3 days of my fall semester, my final year as an undergraduate.. so far.. nothing much to tell.. But it was ok.. design classes, aero class, math class *advance calculus, and hoping to be a math nerd ;p* and.. heat transfer..

why did i just bore u with my classes?

but last week was a tiring week for me.. I did a lot of volunteer works and i sold my red car.. yeap.. my favorite car ever *not that i have a car before* sold it.. sold it.. going to miss it.. but at least i got money!! yayy!!! jpa still hasn't given any money.. yet.. said in 1-2 weeks.. butttttt... i don't want to put my hopes.. its just.. depressing.. But yeah.. it was VERY tiring for me..

Zul and 6 others adopted a cat from the shelter.. its a cute one.. and i have always wondered how cats or dogs can be a man best friend.. and with that cat, i now remember again about my years with hamsters.. i miss my hamsters again....

i played with them.. i talked to them.. i cried in front of them.. i laughed and giggled just by looking at them playing around.. the day they "retired" for good.. that's one of the worst days in my life.. i mean.. sitting there.. waiting for them to depart... you have no idea when they are going.. and you can see in the eyes, as if saying to you.. something.. everything you've done before together.. *gosh.. getting my eyes all watery*

wait till im back in malaysia.. Im definitely getting a hamster!! *or a cat? nehhhhh*