Sunday, July 23, 2006


omg! where do i start! well.. let me see.. that saturday was the greatest moment ever with Glace since the last time which i cant even remember anymore! i have a lot to tell.. bout the futsal.. bout how it went.. who won *winkwink* who's the best player, goal keeper and referee *which tak de pun takpe kan izzah?* and the BBQ.. and the gossips.. my god! the gossips were so unacceptable! fortunately its not about Glace laa.. what else.. i really wanna update.. but havent 'muat naik' the pix *hahaha.. funny that im using that term* and no pic from piyah yet.. but no harm telling first i gez..

so.. people started to reach Ampang around 330pm.. Dolly and i went to pick them up and dropped them at Futsal centre.. we started the game around 4pm.. memule.. we pecah the group according to our baju *since that day most of the girls wore green-ish shirts and red only* the first goal was sumbat-ed by MiSS SoNicK *hehehe* and the game went on with piya's and zura's goals.. *yati.. did u contribute one?* anyways.. after an hour.. we stopped.. took some pictures.. and we grouped ourselves again into Dragon and Buaya groups.. im in the dragon group and believe it people.. we actually cheered! *haha* red hot!!!!! dragon!!!!!!!!!!! and .... im not sure bout the buaya group.. sile update sendiri yer? *hehehe* who were in which.. will tell later when the pics are up.. anyways.. the referee of the day was Izzah and photographer cun.. Shamilz.. Photographer skali skale Piya.. *mestilaa nak gambar cun jugak kan?* and cheerleader full time was azira alone i gez.. *hehehe* i dont noe how many times did the ref gave purple card *instead of yellow and red cards*.. the ref really had a sweet whistle that the players didnt even notice it.. we were so havoc and noisy.. really! and like alwiz laa kan... then.. some of us went to dolly's place and nana's to wash and pray.. then around 8.. i was already at nana's place.. dolly's and bubuk's team blum smpi.. they came around 830 for they got lost.. *hehe* anyways... we had Nasi beriani *i think* ,satay and Chicken and squid BBQ.. i brought cheesecake *especially made for Piya but unfortunately she didnt even taste it! tooo badd Piya!* and we had nice conversations all round.. Izzah went back earlier for she said she wanted to watch AF *i noe she was kidding but i dunt care*.. areque and also balqis y.. they need to catch something.. it was fun.. even though at first 40 of us confirmed.. but due to last minute things.. only 12-15 of us showed up.. its occay... it was still fun.. at least.. i managed to meet bubuk before she went back to indon.. and others laa of cuz.. coming event is Pangkor i heard and its in 2 weeks time.. i hope i cud join u guys and hope its goin to be marvellous! superb!! *huhuhu*

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


woah.. its been a week in malaysia.. *woott woott!!* and im luving it every single minute! i've been goin out almost everyday.. basically goin out with VIPs laa kan *winkwink* not much of going out with friends yet.. but to think of having this Glace gathering this saturday.. cant wait!!!!!!!!! wut else did i do... haa!! *grinning* i went to OU and becz Aisamuddin was so eager to try this one thing.. and so much of not wanting to be a joy-stopper.. followed him laa.. guess what we tried? I-GalLop!! *hohohoho* it WAS not as easy as it seems.. u have to be very gewd to even stay on it *ehehehe* what am i mengarut-ing.. what i wanted to say.. the thing was so wrong laa weyh.. how people can actually think of doing it.. occay laa.. fine.. *correction* how someone would actually think of such thing! *hahaha* its hilarious! enuf by just watching the ad on tv laa kan.. put laa a guy jugak on the thing.. that it would look a lil bit occay laa.. and to try it on.. haiya.. i was so embarrased but hey.. no harm trying.. *plus there was no one looking* and i did.. i was so 'taksub' with the thing and all the modes.. basically was looking down.. when i wanted to say something to Aisamuddin.. i was looking at some men.. 2-4 men.. adeh~~ it was sooo embarassing! sepantas supersonic.. i switched it off and im done! tokse laa aku try again! *if u were to try.. i bet u wont like the slow one.. the least pun.. the medium speed ('x')v * what else.. oh.. and i was watching Breakfast Show on NTV7 and it was funny when they actually told bout there are advertisements posted on blocks and poles about sex healer.. *sheeshh!!!* what happen to malaysia nowadays? u have cheesy and freaky ads.. and now.. creepy ads too?? haiyaa.. i noe laa i have to be open minded and stuff.. i was n i am..*really am!!* but there aint any pun ads mcm tuh in the states! they wud just go to some strip club or any places to find hos laa kan but its not the case here.. wutever laa~~~

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

home sweet hot home

home sweet hot home.. wutever it is.. its always feels gewd to be back home.. its only my second day in malaysia.. not saying im not having fun yet.. i do.. but its like i've been away too long.. a lot has changed.. this has only been a year.. after this.. i'm going to be away for another 2 years.. *insyaAllah*.. haishh.. sure banyak gle laa yg berubah.. oh its been only a day i've been goin exploring ampang and i'm already learning a lot about malaysia.. *hahaha* language wise, newpelikwth culture, people around and also the enviroment.. but wutever.. im kinda thankful that my jetlag isnt that bad.. previously.. i slept prolly around maghrib and woke up at 2 or so.. then takle tdo till the next maghrib.. this time.. tahan smpi isya laa jugak.. ;p

things i'll be doing here?
: jumpe Big bEar!!!
: jumpe some people
: gathering ngan GLacE!!
: visit SSP
: makan dengan banyak nyer..
: holiday with my syss
: balik terengganu
*moi kampung*
: belajar masak *hohoho.. believe it people*
: ape2 lagi yang patut

one thing for sure.. i wanna spend more time with my family for i was kinda.. u can put it.. stupidblindedandweng neglecting them last summer.. need to make up with them back.. so. if u were to ask me to go out and if my answer is no.. hope u guys understand.. not that i dont want to... but i just need this time mostly for my family..

peace out people and hope to hear from u guys..

Friday, July 07, 2006


i am so sad..
today is so not my day and its only 140pm..
what else can happen to me...
but again..
i have to be myself..
stand tall
those are nothing my dear..
its just another day of your life..
That is all...

i want my big bear :'(

Sunday, July 02, 2006


sweat & pain

focus & concentration

teamwork & manship

strong will
dare to take the risk

~~but there can only be

one winner

one with less luck