Saturday, September 26, 2009

bimba, bambi, bimbo

I'm back to blogging.. yeah.. since i started my career as a blogger, god knows how many times i decided to quit laa.. pause laa.. budget merajuk ngan blogger.. like heck this thing faham.. pastu, baek sendiri.. tak yah laa plak orang lain pujuk ape...

so... what to write..

i was bored.. damn bored that i kacau-ed people... then i google here, google there, google this, google that.. input? errr... fair enuf..

*gosh i can feel a bimbo just walk in my head...*

what is it with me and feeling bimbo lately... darn!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what the heck.. I'm back

I so can't stop blogging..

just because i need to channel my thoughts.. my rants... my stupid thoughts once in awhile =D

hence i'm back..

and starting my first rant...

Why can't people stop judging and let me, them, you live my, their, your life alone??????


sekian terima kaseh......