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Monday, March 19, 2007

Weser Award nominee

*Something to share.. thought of keeping it with some of my closest peeps.. but hey.. no harm sharing with others.. :)*

Hello Anis,

I wanted to commend you on the honor of being nominated for the 2007 Weser Award. We received a group of highly competitive nominations, with all of the nominees representing the most outstanding international students at Vanderbilt University. Although Srivatsan Pallavaram has been selected as this year's recipient, we want to express our gratitude for all of your tremendous academic and personal contributions to Vanderbilt and the Nashville Community. We have a small gift in recognition of your great contributions. It will be available for pick up from ISSS on Monday, March 19th.

Thank you again for all that you have done and continue to do to enrich the culture and spirit of service here at Vanderbilt!

Sumita Banerjee
International Student Adviser
International Student & Scholar Services

*I didn't know till this mail came in last Thursday.. not a big deal? it is to me (0",o)*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My spring break..

*hehehe* ok.. i was so sorry i didn't even update my doings even though my spring break ended like.. 2 days ago.. *heee* was too lazy to update and no motivator to update *winkwink*

It was great!! I never thought it would be that fun.. Lots of things happened.. Expected and unexpected.. nevertheless.. it was just great! It was fun too to have Daia, Jurai, Hisyam and Lan in the group.. just made everything much better i guess.. The first day.. we planned to move around 10 am or so but since we all slept around 4-6 am that same morning.. we end up moving to Cumberland Mountain State Park at noon.. The journey took us 2 hours.. Nothing much to tell when we were in the car except for chit chats.. When we arrived.. We just knew that only one camp area is open and the people who will be ground camping is only us.. Most of the people there were in their RV.. kinda shy? i dunnoe.. but there was surely one feeling of discomfort.. *heee* anyways..

Hisyam and I started setting up the tent and Lan, Daia and Jurai started preparing the fire and food.. Thank god we finished our tasks before the day was dark.. we started eating around 6ish and we finished eating like 740ish.. and we started to wonder what we should do next.. Since our tentative for tonight was only chitchatting.. instead of having a real conversation.. we started talking nonsense and gossips.. we kept on saying we don't have anything to talk but for some reason, there was always someone to say something.. *hehehe* but by 11pm.. we were like.. "ok!! we're off to sleep!" and we actually did.. but once we're in the tent.. all of us can't seem to sleep.. oh yeah.. and that night.. it was cold.. very cold... and because we failed to get the fire to lit whole night long.. we were terribly cold.. partly.. that's why we can't sleep.. but not Jurai.. she went on and sleep like herself... *ehehe* wanted to say like a baby but she didnt really sleep like one.. around 1am.. Hisyam and I actually decided to eat Maruchan *instant noodle* just to make ourselves warm.. End up.. all of us 'woke up' including Jurai and eat Maruchan.. it was so cold, the noodles were easily cooled down.. That night, we even had visitors.. *hehe* they came to join us in the dark i guess.. Raccoons.. yeap.. wild ones.. didn't get a pic of em.. it was too dark and i only got to the right setting after they left.. anyways.. it was one *or maybe two* cute raccoon.. big.. round and chubby!! (o','o)

The next day.. we all woke up around.. hurmm~ to think about it.. I dont remember.. *hee* but that day.. we went to Walmart to buy fishing baits since we're going fishing.. Jurai and Daia wanted to paddle boat or something like that.. but they're still not in service.. maybe its too early to start paddling boats :) anyhoo.. one thing about this place.. or.. this town we're in.. we can only see old people.. gray haired-wrinkled people.. it was very hard to even spot young or even mid 30 person.. Have no idea why.. anyways.. we went fishing.. Basically, Lan, Hisyam and I fished, and with Daia who also fished once in a while when i am tired of waiting.. I always wonder why do I always have to buy the license when they never check.. yes its better to be on the safe side.. but arghh~! i hate it when no one ever checked! feels like buying a small piece of paper for 5 bucks but worthless *tetibe emo.. hehehe.. sajer jer..* actually.. it's not a big deal.. felt like doing it :) we stopped around 2pm and we head back to tent.. we didnt do anything except slept all afternoon.. i guess.. we all didnt sleep well the night before that we were too sleepy.. woke up before dark and we started to put on the fire and setting up the food.. we learn out of mistake.. so Daia and Hisyam went out to buy some stuff and bought fire starter *liquid one.. is that what its called?* and also firewoods.. at least.. the fire stayed all night long and we had a great chitchat.. we even stayed up quite late.. and after that.. Daia, Jurai and Lan went to walmart.. they bought "staywarm" packets to make them warm for the night.. it was actually warmer than the night before but it was still cold..

The next day.. i woke up quite early.. 6-ish and the sun was already up.. it was sooooooooo refreshing and relaxing.. it was still kinda chilly but with the sun.. it was just great.. i listened to my mp3 and read a book.. i also took some pics here and there.. but definitely one of the most relaxing and soothing moment in my life.. with the old people walking hand in hand with their spouse.. greeting me good morning.. walking with their dog.. it was just.. nice.. i made hot tea for the rest too.. tapi not breakfast.. i noe they would wake up late so didn't want the food to get cold... anyways.. that day... we planned to go hiking.. we went ahead and do a 5miles hiking, consumed of 2 trails.. it was fun.. we couldn't find any animals but it was still fun.. there were water streams, logs.. trees.. *hehehe* but we all learnt something new from each other.. we also counted how old was a tree there before from its stump.. prolly, 120 years.. but we might be wrong.. Once we were back to our tent.. we rest for a while.. solat.. and went back.. tiring but satisfying..

Pics are already up on my flickr.. feel free to visit :)

Monday, March 05, 2007

what's my plan for spring break??

Tomorrow I'm going camping!!!! yeah yeah!!! 5 of us are going; Jurai, Daia, Hisyam, Lan and me!!! yayy!!! can't wait for that!! will definitely tell you more bout that..

More about the camping.. We're going to Cumberland Mountain State Park.. It's nice from the pics i saw.. but who knows how it looks like now.. They have few hiking trails, place to fish, animal viewing, picnic and other stuff.. Our plans are like barbecue, fishing, definitely hiking and animal viewing.. Since its spring *almost there*, the weather should be just nice for hiking and sight viewing.. i just love nature ('___')

The last days jugak.. i did a room makeover.. It made my room look smaller in a way but more room to move around.. I have a problem with my room cuz i have this one small area which i can't barely put anything but my drawers.. but putting the drawers in the middle of the room will make my room look smaller.. but.. i just need to change the room.. too dull for me now.. so i discard the thought of the room look small... It is pun.. but after the makeover was done.. It was just nice and i like it! That brings me to a point which i just had a discussion with Jurai..

Its about how some things we just don't want to change or fear in life.. i doubt anyone in this world who doesn't have any kind of fear towards anything.. *of course God is an exception since we should be* Things as small as don't want my room to look small is an example.. i don't want to because i don't really like small room.. in other words.. i don't want to accept the fact.. but when i went ahead and did that.. it was not that bad.. It was even better i guess..

My point in a bigger point of view.. There are just some things in this life we are afraid of.. but we just have to go ahead and hit the paddle and decide later.. if its totally bad, not that bad, neutral, not that good or great.. We'll never know if we don't try it... Yes we might have cons as an outcome.. but it would be something you would not regret later on.. Jurai and I have done a few.. some.. yes it didn't go that well.. but we never regretted doing so.. again.. it's only what Jurai and i think..

orite.. need to get ready for tomorrow.. need to get some stuff done.. so yeah.. till then.. wait for my camping update (o",o)v

Saturday, March 03, 2007

you guys want it, u got it!


*hehe* so its been awhile i didn't update my blog.. too lazy... too busy... messed up.. toooooo busy... u get the idea... I was sooooo out of my mind last two weeks that i just dont have time to sit and think of things i want to write.. well.. there are 2-3 stories i want to share.. but.. thought i should just keep it first and write it up later.. so here it is people!!

So last week, there's this one annual thing all asian do.. it's Asian New Year Festival.. partly, it's because of the Chinese New Year.. but it would be better doing an asian kinda thing.. anyways.. Like always, the Malaysian would definitely join this thing and this year..

we *again* did a
malaysian dance.. *Midwest dance to those who know* too lazy to choreograph a new one.. but it was nice.. everyone for some reason just love malaysian dance.. like seriously.. maybe because its way different from the usual dance.. itu tak tunjuk Asmaradana lagi tuh.. buat tuh.. sume kagum.. *ngeh ngeh*.. I'll try to upload the dance if i can..

Unfortunately, Japanese culture was never been introduced in this occasion.. and since i am in the Jap-Hall.. why not?? so one of my hallmate and I thought of doing one and I found this one almost-cool dance.. Soran Bushi.. it's a fishermen dance and originated from Hokkaido.. more details.. just go ahead and google the name in Wikipedia.. and If you want to see one.. just go ahead and click here or here.. both of this clips are the main source for us.. It was fun.. we made our own costume.. and for some reason.. my hallmates just love picking up people *not that other kind of picking up people*.. so they picked me up for the last pose.. it was.. FUN!!! *being picked up always felt good.. :D*

It was fantastic! the outcome was great.. though it was hard.. the costumes.. practices.. people.. but they were all worth it.. And fyi.. the capes.. the girl next to me and I sewed them all.. sugoii nee?? *hehe* and the kanji behind them.. they do it themselves.. From left standing, Dream, Ayaka *her name since she's a japanese.. sensei*, winter, black tiger, traitor *since his name is Trey and people just add 'tor' at the end*.. from left sitting.. tiger, yoko *she loves yoko Kurama*, number one *she luvs attention, that's why :)* and sunshine *tak larat*..

Itu laa benda paling mantap skali for the last 2 weeks.. and.. i will continue later for more of my updates.. (=",=)v