Saturday, August 09, 2008

working life

Two weeks of working experience for me..

First week: Bored like h***.. You have nothing to do, no surfing is allowed *or more like there weren't any internet connection on my desktop* and everyone seems too busy to disturb.. Though i did ask if they have anything i could do.. the same answer: I have loads of work but they are either confidential or I need to explain to you which will take longer.. so yeah.. while smiling and continuing their job.. There was one day, i did nothing but sit and tittle tattle with this veteran colleague until the boss was quite irritated and told the old man to do his job and me? nothing.. he just left me alone with nothing to do..

Towards the end of the first week: I got to go to Gurun to visit Naza's factory and also ours.. It was definitely something different for me and exciting too.. My job there was just to understand about painting and coating process cuz I need to understand everything from scratch.. If I were given a project, that's exactly what i'll be doing.. Do a complete plan of painting and coating..

Second week: Big boss just came back from Hanoi, a meeting with Nissan.. If I got it right, we got the project and I'll be involve in this project.. so he gave me a booklet *thick one!!* of painting and coating requirement and manuals for us to go through and guess what, it's in Japanese!!! yes, i have to translate it!!! If only my Kanjis are that good but unfortunately, it was a h*** of a work for me.. and of course, I have other work to be done from my boss and the fact that he's going to India this week, made my work double and need to do it fast.. one thing for sure, I'm not complaining cause I'm kinda happy I have work to do :)

End of second week: One day while I was on the desktop doing some simple drawings for some plans, my boss came to me and sat on my table and said to my other colleague and I, "aaa.. I need you guys to come this saturday to work aa.. We have some stuff need to be done" and i was like.. "WHATT!! OT on my saturday and it's only been two weeks!!" definitely, quietly thinking of that line, i smiled and said, "aaa.. until what time yerk?" and he said, "till you're done" GREAT!! Now I don't even have a time limit and I have other commitment to make.. But Alhamdulillah, with my sonic speed, i have everything done by 5pm.. woohoo!! but there goes my weekend.. Hope to have a great Sunday.. doing.. something...

Sunday: I end up waking up early in the morning, bed potato-ing till 10am and updating my blog.. at least i got to update my blog..

Wonder how it went yesterday at Oya's place.. *fyi: Oya Vandy, bukan Oya SSP :p* I heard alot went there and it would be so great to join them instead of getting stuck in my office...

To think about it again, I kinda like this job.. For now, I only do very small portion of engineering work but i am happy to know I will be doing more than just this in near future.. I guess, I am ready to be a career woman after all (o'-'o)