Monday, March 24, 2008

Just feeling like..

* Because i think the entry was too lame, i deleted it.. :p *

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The worst in me

" Man needs what's worst in him in order to achieve what's best in him"

I've read this once but I came through this quote again while reading The Devil and Miss Prym.. I never had a deep thought about it and this time.. it hits me.. in a way, it is true.. It can be anything bad about oneself that could bring out the good point of it... Giving an example, when you're a big spender.. you're wasting money as if money roots in your pockets.. But realizing that you're a super spender, you surely save your money or work harder to earn more money.. Which ever that satisfies you.. or maybe, you'll bring out the patience in you when your lust for handbags begs you to buy a Prada handbag you're holding...

The worst experience also teaches you to be a better person.. An experience of losing the most precious thing in your life.. The experience of hardship to get something done.. The experience of failing in things you do.. Everything.. You'll learn to go through the hardship rather than running away from it.. You'll learn to face it rather than going over it.. You need memories in the past to remind you of things you might face in the future..

Thinking the cons of it.. YES, you have to learn it the hard way.. YES, you have to deal with it to earn it.. YES, you have swallow it even if its a fruit of thorns.. But if that is what needed for us to learn an important point of life.. Just bare with.. He knows what is best for you anyways.. God has His own way of making each and every one of us live as fair as the others.. rich people might look happy with money.. but they probably had the worst hardship ever to gain what they have now.. the poorest guy might look desperate for food but he might be the happiest guy in the world with his family..

How world is so full of surprises.. You'll never know ey?

Monday, March 10, 2008

My lil politician nephew


my sister taught the kids how to save money so that they can buy what they want later the day..

ibu: kalau hasan nak beli toy, simpan laa duit.. seringgit sehari..
hasan: ooo.. boleh jer.. kakak boleh buat, hasan pun boleh buat

Nak buatkan satu hari, hamster hasan mati dipenyek oleh die.. gara2 terlalu comel kate hasan..

hasan: ibu, hasan nak beli ikan laa
ibu: hasan kene laa tunggu duit hasan cukup nak beli ikan.
hasan: brape hasan kene ade nak beli ikan ibu?
ibu: urmm, dalam 50 ringgit..
hasan: 50? ok..

sambil berjalan ke arah toki yang sedang hisap rokok

hasan: toki..
toki: iyer hasan?
hasan: toki ada 50 tak? hasan nak beli ikan laa...

tanpa berfikir due kali, tangan toki terus menuju ke poket sluar lalu memberi 50 ringgit..

ibu: eyh, knape hasan mintak ngan toki? knape tak tunggu smpi duit hasan cukup 50?
hasan: hasan nak sekarang, tak nak lambat2..


si hasan nak main lompat2.. tp ibu dah berkali2 pesan, jangan lompat, nanti batuk.. tapi degil, jugak..

hasan: kakak, jangan bagi tahu ibu tau hasan main lompat2

ibu disebelah, terpinga2..

ibu: *budak nih tak sedar ke ibu kat sebelah?*

menyedari ibu disebelah mula terpinga2, hasan kata dengan selamber nyer

hasan: ibu jangan tahu tau...ibu tak tau

sambil terus bergerak ke arah tmpt nak main lompat2


si hasan malas nak pergi sekolah.. tanpa segan silu mahu pun takut, di confront nyer ibu utk menyatakan hajat tak nak ke sekolah..

hasan: ibu, hasan rasa, hasan rindu ibu la kalau hasan pegi sekolah..

ibu hanya geleng2 kepale sambil tersenyum, tanpa menyedari hati nya cair dek pujukan si anak..

*pandai tak anak sedare aku nihh??? adeyh~*

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

madrid; part dos

"Kite jalan jer la aisamuddin.." suggested Anies as soon as we reached Sol again. And so we did. We partly put our itinerary away and just explored the backstreet's of Madrid. I remember walking up a small hilly road and the sun was shining brightly on us. The heat from the sun brilliantly radiated our bodies and we gladly welcomed it. Or at least I did. Anies squinted and shielded her face from the sun's glare. At times she would duck behind my back for cover. I just smiled and thought it was cute.

Through the backstreet, we ended up at Atocha Train Station.

The center attraction of the station is the man made 'jungle' in the middle of the station. But sadly, like most places we visited in Barcelona, it was also under maintenance. The exterior of the station looks like it came from the early 1900s, a total contrast to the interior which was filled with glossy floor tiles and stainless steel rails and columns everywhere. It looked more like an airport than a train station to me. Then again, it is the main terminal in Madrid.

From Atocha, we strolled through Parque del Buen Retiro or Park of Good Retreat which housed Placio Crystal and the Monument to King Alfonso XII which is in front of a small man made lake where a lot of couples rode on row boats.

It was dusk when we came out the other end of the park and so we decided to head back to our hostel. But it seemed like we were the only ones heading in. The rest of Madrid were all out and about in the streets. Sol was particularly filled with a sea of people that we had to skillfully navigate through them all. *Cewah!* =p We later found out that the night life in Spain is just crazy and that Spaniards are notorious for partying till the morning. But the both of us were exhausted that we called it an early night.

The next day, after our much deserved Zzzz's... we headed out again. We didn't have any particular places we wanted to go as we managed to cover our whole itinerary the day before. So we spent the day taking more pictures of the places we went to and bought souvenirs for the people back home. Or Anies did at least.

We thought of trying Spanish food for our dinner, just for the sake of it, but we ended up eating Morrocian (btul ker?) food instead. How that happened is a whole story on its own which involves us taking a train to an uncharted place in Madrid, me unexpectedly using what basic and broken Arabic I learnt in the States, and lots of fun getting lost and found along the way. It ends with us spending a whole night at Madrid airport where we did some bizzare things to pass time. And of course, taking turns sleeping. Remind me when we meet and I'll gladly tell you the story.

p/s: I'm looking at some websites as reference to the places we've been to. Looks like there's much more of Madrid than the places we went to. Hurm... I love Spain and it seems like a good potential reason of us going back. Plus, we haven't explored Granada and the other Andalusia states. What's say you miss Anies? =)