Thursday, December 21, 2006


its been a week hek i've not writen anything? well... what can i say? i'm just too busy with some stuff.. *hehehe* It has only been a week since i started my winter break.. and all i did was doing anything that i want.. watched tv.. watched korean drama *Fantasy couple* maybe i'll watch anime plak after this.. and stuff like that..

This saturday.. i'm heading to FLORIDA!!! can't wait for that!! i'm hoping its going to be one of the best road trips i ever had..after my Thanksgiving break last year that is.. NO other road trip is worth that trip.. *hehehe* this week.. something happen basically.. but i dare not tell.. it's.. complicated.. but the thing.. kinda stress me out.. i mean... i have my own plan and how dare that thing just came up and just tagged onto me like a lil kid??? *ok.. fine.. korang tak faham..*

~CHanGE Of TopiC~

was talking to Jurai and she actually told me something i used to never tell anyone cuz thinking people will never understand.. and i told someone who i think would accept it but.. i guess i should have kept it to myself... basically.. jurai was in my shoe too.. i dont want to tell what it is since the person i told might probably read this blog too... anyways..

It was so painful when i told that person about this.. That person *trying not to mention the sex* could not see how the thing i told that person is hard and a big deal.. and eventually.. that person accidentally or maybe out of a conversation told another person who i knew would really not understand what i just told... it was a big bang on my head.. hearing it from two people who i thought had a very openminded mind but unfortunately, they had a very bad sense of... judgement? taking-themselves-into-the-shoe? i dunnoe~

To think about it.. Do I do that too? maybe not? maybe sometimes? i'll go with the latter.. i might not realize.. but I really dont want that to happen to anyone.. because of me.. When they told me things.. as such what I did to that person... It's about ssomething only one within my closer-persons list would know.. and what that person did was definitely what i would expect from someone outside that list..

Tell you guys what... what i could say now.. whenever you are listening to people's story and they are telling about their own experience.. though they might not use the best way of getting their story over to you.. but being a good listener, you can counter that.. try to put urself in the situation.. try to get all possible facts that would help your acting.. i mean.. when someone is telling u something.. ask them anything related.. they would definitely tell you everything you wanna know..

With that.. u can rationalize why they think or feel like they did and try to suggest from your own judgement.. It might take awhile to get use to it if you are not use to it.. and please note.. this is just something i think wat it should be done.. not a MUST...

ishhh.. ntah paham idak korang nih.. *hehehe*..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

new camera!!

yatta!!! finals over!!!! owari!!! so glad..~

anyways.. got myself a new camera people!! since i'm not good with cameras and taking pictures.. i asked some who knew what they are talking about.. *actually.. only asked one.. :) * anyways.. decided to get myself FUJIFILM F30.. the thing is sweet.. hafta say... with all the features.. it would the best camera i ever had!! and because of that.. im trying to learn how to take good shots..

and because of that too.. i took some small steps.. like.. reading the manual!! *yayy.. woohoo...monotonously * helped to get the adrelines running in the system.. and i am all excited to learn more! so here are some of the pics i took.. they are all my.. animals~ :)

*hohoho* i'm liking this camera so muchhhh!!! but not sure bout being a good photographer.. like Piya kan... siap ade D70s.. i'm not gonna waste my money.. unless of course.. im good already.. then.. its worth it..

Friday, December 08, 2006

missing u~

was tired reading my textbook.. so decided to look some of the pics i have... Chose a folder with all my birthday pic.. yeapp.. remember that clearly.. Weda's family were here too that time.. They are the best family ever! i love 'em so much.. then saw this pic..I'm like.. goshh!! i really hope they are here... both Aisamuddin and Weda.. Both are the bestest peeps..

So i went on looking at other pics.. saw this pic too.. never knew i had this pic.. Its just.. nice.. *hehe* Went on looking at other pics.. Remembering those times with Weda, Aisamuddin, Esa, Sala, Shahir.. it would never be the same.. We don't know each other that much before.. and that what made it different since we only had a lil time to spend.. Now.. anything that we do *jurai and i.. i gez* .. we would think of 'em or we would guess what they would do or commented at that moment.. like as if we know them that much.. but we might know what they might do/say..

Went on.. and saw this other pic..
then i realize.. first.. they both wear only black shirts when they met.. and second and for most... I MISS THEM!!!!!! talked to Aisamuddin for a couple of time this week.. and messaged with weda like almost everyday though we didnt say bye properly.. *oh anyway weda.. intern tuh.. die kate takde kosong aa currently... mayb nanti2 sonic mintak balik* when i was talking or msging them.. i dont feel anything.. but now.. *ish ish ish*

so now i am telling the whole world i am missing this two peeps.. help me and get them here... pleaaseeeee!?

*berangan lerrrr*

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Loosen up a `lil

liking this song so much.. though the clip kinda sickenin` *well... not really..* i like the ' tu du du tu du du' part.. hehe.. great song.. recommended for all to listen to.. also other songs..

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Final is in a week and i still have one test coming, 1 assignment due, and 2 lab reports, due on the first day of finals.. *Goshh!!!*

well.. i only have 3 papers but still.. need to do a lot of studying.. can't believe that its a semester to summer holidays and being a senior.. *ish ish* 3 semesters to go.. and i can still remember when i first wrote this blog.. i wrote "5 semesters to go".. Time does goes very fast..

wish me luck and pray for my success yah?

muahx! *okeiz.. dunnoe why but thought of spreading the love to those reading :)*