Friday, September 26, 2008

stop and stare.. and think..

"Sesungguhnya kami lenyapkan seksaan sedikit, sungguh kamu kembali (kepada kekafiran)"
Ad-Dukhan, ayat 15

Mungkin ini sebabnya, kita selalu diduga olehNya.. supaya kita tak mudah lupa asal usul kita dan Dia yang menciptakan kita.. Sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui segala-galanya..

It's true.. when we are sad.. we're in depression.. we're in all those bad moods.. we tend to go back to prayers, reading Al-Quran to find peace in ourselves.. some would pray and stay quite.. maybe conciously, you think you're not thinking of anything, but deep inside, your heart is having a conversation and even praying for peace, a solution and light from Him..

Think of our happy moments.. what do we do? We seldom say praises to Him, or even thank Him.. seldomly.. If someone were to do that to us, find us only when in need, and forget us when in joy, what would we think? "Hampes.. mase nih lupe... dolu2 cari aku, nangis2" or something like that.. *i love making exxagerating expression :p* But He never give up on us and kept on helping us when we're in need..


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Cammoe!!!!! Happy Belated Anas!!!!

Moi : Hello Mr D**, it's Anis here..
Mr D** : Hello.. Mr K.K Lee...
Moi : No, no.. It's Anis.. I'm using his phone..
Mr D** : What Mr Lee?
Moi : No, this is Anis Mr D**..
Mr D** : Ooo.. Hi Anis..

Aiyoo, i don't mind if he didn't get my name at first, but to keep on calling Mr Lee, when obviously it's a girl you're talking to.. *tsk tsk tsk*

On the other hand.. Raya is just around the corner.. the semangat raya is still not in me though.. not yet at least.. My head is fill with work, work and WORK! Am even working till sunday! ok.. so i kinda volunteered myself to work on saturday and sunday.. Alasan saya..

> I know I can't leave work without finishing it
> I won't get my job done by Friday..

I've been going back quite late lately.. no.. have been since after 3 weeks I started.. As much as i hate to say this.. but.. I think I'm a WORKAHOLIC~!

I'll try not to be one.. later :p

For now, I don't mind being one.. just to get my day filled and seems faster than ever.. At least for this 3 months.. Though, this past 2 weeks has been quite slow.. why ek??

My brain : What color is your baju raya this year?
Moi : You've seen it.. it's there, hanging on the line there..
My brain : I'm asking because you don't know what to write on your blog..
Moi : So...?
My brain : so... you'll keep on writing.. Heart says you still wanna write.. but don't know what
Moi : Trueee... But, shouldn't you be thinking what I should be writing?
My brain : Yessss... and that's what I'm doing.. see? you're still typing.. :)
Moi : I know.. but.. I can't write like this the whole entry.. it's too.. boring..
My brain : You're right.. Maybe we need a rest.. *sarcastically*
Moi : But...
My brain : But??
Moi : It feels like, I wanna tell people about something.. But I don't know what..
My brain : or maybe it's not the time yet?
Moi : Or maybe it's because you're talking too much and not thinking *raise one eye brow*
My brain : *smirk* :p

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Loads to tell...

I have loads to tell specific people..

to LIZED : I am so damn sorry bout the other day! Like really.. I know I asked for it and suddenly, I was the one who backed off.. i know you're going off soon too.. damn i feel so bad!!! Again, I am so damn sorry babe.... :(

to NISAK : Happy birthday!!!! Yes lil sister.. I know i've wished you and gave you presents but I just don't feel good not saying it on my blog.. *hehe*.. as if you're reading it but I'll make sure you read this part though :p

to BBDAK VANDY : I miss you guys!! I miss this times when we'll go for terawikh and you guys rase pelik looking at me wearing jubah :p yeap, i got that every year I think.. nonetheless, I miss you guys so much!! I miss the laughters, the giggles and our loudness!!

to JURAI : girl!! I miss you so much!! That day you called just made me realized how i do really miss you.. and later.. dapat keje kat mane2 tuh.. don't forget to tell me k?? and thanx for sharing the news that day :)

to PQAH : omg pqah!! sonic misses you so much, so suddenly!! funny but true ;P

and lastly..

to AISAMUDDIN : Since you went off yesterday, I felt weird here and there.. no one to complain I'm sleepy during work.. no one to kacau during my 30 minutes break *or should i say whenever i feel like having a break*.. no one to accompany me to work and the list goes on and on.. It's going to be a long 3 months for me.. Though, i have loads to look forward to.. have to get ready with the merisik.. our wedding.. GRE test yang tak amek2 lagi.. finding scholarship.. and again, the list goes on and on.. InsyaAllah, i'll get them done.. just take care when you're out there in the sea, as much as i will on the road :p

there are more... ZULJOE, HAFIZ, ABDULLAH, OYA, NAD, WATIP, JUZZ, FISH, AMINAH, GLACE.. But I can't write them all out but one thing for sure.. I miss them all.. it's not all of a sudden.. but it's constantly on my mind.. just that, i have no ways to tell..

\(o^.^o)/ Spreading the love!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy birthday Ahnaf!!

So it's my nephew's second birthday.. bigger, cuter and louder!

I listed before a few stuff that I was feeling at that right moment.. and here I am.. writing an update to that..

Need someone to talk to >> That night itself, I had an awesome talk with Aisamuddin.. what else can I ask for?
Feeling stressed >> more or less the same.. work load, and life.. :p
Feeling serabut >> less serabut cuz i've successfully organize my serabutness.. =D
Pening >> dah tidur.. no more headache..
Tension >> more or less the same..
Need some excitement >> not sure of this yet...
Need a vacation >> Planning to go back to Terengganu.. Not sure hows that going to be a vacation but a good moment to get away from work..

And to add to this list of getting less stress.. i received this from him.. something I would definitely appreciate it A WHOLE LOT!! and coming from him made it way better!! now i have more jerseys!!!

and today.. two of my colleagues at work surprised me with a birthday cake.. yeah yeah.. i noe.. it's not May.. but it is Ramadhan, and i was borned 10 Ramadhan.. Alhamdulillah... They knew because I jokingly told them that my birthday is around the corner.. and never thought they would take it seriously.. No one ever did for that matter.. *though sometimes, i did secretly hope someone would do something :p*.. this year, someone did take it seriously and i had a good surprise from them.. Thanx guys!! as if they are reading my blog :p*

sekian terima kasih...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Taking things easy..... NOT!!

I wanted to start off with my entry-to-entry basis runt of being busy.. but I just hate to say I am.. subconsciously, I just did.. *darn it!*

Oh well.. what had happened to me for the past.. errr.. few.. err.. since my last entry..

Nothing... nothing.. and nothing.. oh.. yes!!

Yesterday went for break fasting with fellow vandies.. Its good to get to see them again.. Got to meet Izni accidentally.. and of course, she joined us after..

arghhh!!! not in the mood telling without pictures!!! yes.. i didn't bring my camera.. I was from work and came back just enough to change.. *Darn it, i'm writing about my work again.. *

what's good to write now..

i guess.. just some rambling of what i'm feeling right now..

Feeling stressed.. CHECK
Feeling serabut.. CHECK
Pening.. CHECK
Tension.. CHECK
Need someone to talk to.. CHECK
Need some excitement.. CHECK
Need a vacation.. CHECK

These are all caused by a lot of things.. Too much that I don't know how to share.. how laa? I'm so good at keeping it.. horrible at sharing it.. But some word of advice would definitely be.. good.. i guess.. It won't help that much i tell you that cause i am sooooo degil.. I am.. really!!

i've been thinking alot of what is it like living my own.. I have always and still secretly, want to live my life by my own.. I want to live where i have to pay own bills, find my own way to eat, buy my own groceries.. and even decorate my own home.. I don't have to live by other peoples expectation.. yes.. just be myself at my own place..

But how? my work place is only 30-40 minutes away.. i don't think my parents would agree me leaving this place just for the sake of 5 minutes drive.. I mean, i just need to pay the gas now and if I do live outside, i have to pay a whole lot of things.. but.. when can i have my own place, by myself? where can i have this, self-defined freedom?

Tell you what.. this is how i imagine my daily days if i were to live alone..

wake up, shower.. grab something to drink out of my small fridge *imagine it's not Ramadhan*.. grab a fruit, biscuit whatever if i'm that hungry.. think of stuff that i need to cook later today.. go work.. come back, forgot to do grocery, order food.. or just eat what ever is inside my fridge.. than go to bed.. Weekend, bangun lambat.. no one will perli me if i got up late pun.. pasang lagu so that where ever i am i can listen to it.. possibly at living room.. it is a small house anyways.. so definitely will dengar.. kemas rumah.. kalau malas, tak yah buat.. *who cares, i'm living by myself kan?* do some light grocery.. masak a decent but nice food.. once in a while, try new dishes.. kalau tak sedap, buang and order food.. kalau sedap, makan and hope to do it again soon for other people to taste.. lepak and lepak.. and lepak lagi till my butt hurts.. move around.. and just have a quiet day with some music.. No need to talk or entertain people..

*as im writing, i'm day dreaming of how good it is*....

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Mak!!

Yeap, it's my mom's 55th birthday today *I just then realized, she's actually 56... oopss!!*.. Thought of celebrating it last night, but she said its ok and some other factors that we didn't.. Am trying to do one despite what she said.. I'll think of something for break fasting today :)

Yeap, it's 1st Ramadhan today.. Alhamdulillah.. But i felt the same thing about this Ramadhan with last Ramadhan.. This feeling I didn't share with anyone but Zul.. itu pun because he was there at the right moment.. Thanks Zul!!!

It's been almost a month.. busy busy bee i was.. I didn't get to go out with Lized, Yati, nor sesape pun laa.. Aisamuddin pun same laa.. We're out only for official work sahaja.. Obviously.. I'm working on weekdays, balik 6pm.. reach home at 640-645pm.. itu if im out of the office at 6pm which i seldom get the chance to.. weekend, OT.. or other stuff i need to go out of KL or just some stuff to do.. nonetheless, i love my job :D

If you pulled the "pull" tag, you'll see anonymous mentioned about me getting into an accident.. yes, i was in an accident.. *thanx for asking anonymous..* It was a normal accident.. wasn't a double flipped car accident with 4-5 cars involved laa.. Was at the fastest lane, then 2-3 cars ahead of me stopped out of sudden because her engine hitted up i think.. and naturally, i didn't get to stop properly.. and bang! hit the rear end of the car in front of me.. yes, a little bit shaky at first and was serabut half of the day.. but it was ok.. Aisamuddin, my dad and my brother in law came to help and after that was Aisamuddin.. thanx honey!!

Few weekends back, went Tapah for a camping trip with the company.. It was absolutely FANTASTIC!! It's been awhile i haven't been to any camping trip.. Got to hike for 2 hours using the natives' people route and it was definitely a dangerous one.. Waterfall was just breath taking, and on the way back, on the same route, it was raining heavily.. but still, it was the best 2 nights, 2 days camping..!

And now, after this, i'll be doing a whole lot of homeworks; house chores and even soem work i brought back.. yes, i know i shouldn't, but i just had to..

what else you want to know???